Vessels stay on course with Route Planner


Rijkswaterstaat is working on new ways of guiding vessel traffic along the Dutch inland waterways using modern technologies. Trajectplanner, part of the navigation monitoring system IVS Next, is one of the resulting applications.

Corridor-orientated control and supervision

The Route Planner offers a current overview of the routes that the vessels are taking and plans the filling of the lock chambers adjusted to the amount of traffic. The Route Planner also makes a prognosis of the waterways traffic situation for a period of six hours and will refresh every six minutes. The simulation model uses skipper's information such as route and cargo data, current vessel locations, and a model of the waterways that includes objects (such as locks and bridges). With this input, the Route Planner will first assess whether the vessel can pass all the obstacles and/or if there are any hindrances or incidents along the route. After that, the Route Planner will simulate the vessel's journey together with all the other traffic.

True asset for vessel traffic

The skipper will implement his journey digitally and can check in the prognosis whether his planning can be done. He also already knows that he will have to wait an hour before he is allowed to pass through the lock, so he can decide to adjust his speed and therefore save fuel. Or he can even adjust his planning accordingly.

Supporting decision-making

The Route Planner supports the controller by suggesting what to do for a particular planning that involves passing a lock chamber. The controller can either take the suggestions on board or change them. The Route Planner takes the decisions of the controller has made into account as a starting point for a future calculation. This way, the controller will always have the final responsibility for a planning that involves passing a lock chamber.

Custom-made solution

Due to our years of experience, we have a lot of substantive knowledge of the activities and systems of both Rijkswaterstaat and the vessel traffic. With the Route Planner, a fitting solution that matching any activities of both the professional vessel market and Rijkswaterstaat is easly achieved.


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