Traffic management at events


Better flow of traffic in and around the Dutch city of Amsterdam thanks to new technologies along the road and in vehicles; this is what PraktijkProef Amsterdam (PPA) (Practical Trial Amsterdam) is studying. Previously, Technolution optimized the roadside systems. Now Technolution is participating in PPA Zuidoost (PPA Southeast), which is researching how traffic congestion around events can be reduced.

Streamlining event visitors

The purpose is to direct visitors efficiently and swiftly to the various parking garages in the area. We do this by spreading the traffic out across the various access routes at an early stage, starting from the A9 and the A10. We give motorists up-to-date and local traffic information and route recommendations using existing information panels (DRIPs).

Traffic information on smartphones

But we also offer them this information via their smartphones in their car. We’re not making our own app, but are offering our information through popular channels such as social media and Flitsmeister. Virtual DRIPs ensure that motorists receive notifications on their smartphones at those locations where we would ordinarily place a DRIP.

Technology and trust

For users, it is important that they receive sufficient directions on the alternative route through virtual DRIPs. This will ensure that they arrive at the right destination and notice that it works: that they didn’t encounter any delays.

Floating car data

For up-to-date insight into the flow of traffic, we are using real-time information about the movements of each individual vehicle (floating car data). This ensures that the road manager can quickly see where and when congestion begins to form, but also whether the interventions he made and recommendations he offered are having the desired effect. This data is then combined with information derived from other sources, for instance from other road managers and social media.

Open data from MobiMaestro

In order to make this work, we need open and uniform data that all parties can and are allowed to work with: the traffic management of city and provincial authorities and Rijkswaterstaat, but also commercial service providers. MobiMaestro, our traffic management platform, is able to collect, process, and prepare all required data in such a way as to make it available and useful for everyone.

Living Lab

Existing means can bring us very far if we manage to combine them in the right way. We want to use PPA to show that it works! That it is possible to solve traffic problems with smart traffic management. We want to show that cooperation leads to gains. This is why all participating market players bring their own knowledge and information to the table at their own expense. For a practical trial in real day-to-day traffic, with real cars and real road users.

This trial is facilitated by cooperation between Technolution, Goudappel, DAT.Mobility, Be-Mobile, Brand MKRS, Flitsmeister and KPN.



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