Smart working and living in Copenhagen


The Danish capital Copenhagen’s aim is to be carbon neutral by 2025. At the same time, the city wants to show that it is possible to grow without negatively affecting the quality of life. Smart solutions are necessary to accommodate increasing mobility and use of space. Technolution is helping Copenhagen to realize these solutions, and bikes will play an important role in this.

Information panels for cyclists

Information panels showing travel time information for cyclists have been positioned in the city to encourage cycling. For most routes, bike travel times are shorter than car travel times. The panels can also display the volume of traffic on popular bike routes, and can prevent congestion by suggesting alternative routes. This solution was tested in 2015 in the ‘The Tube’ research project.

Green wave for cyclists and motorists

Cyclists and public transport have priority at traffic lights on major routes, but without any detriment to cars. Motorists will benefit from eco-driving, which provides them with dynamic speed advice on a number of connecting routes (corridors). This means fewer stops for traffic lights. Eco-driving, together with smart coordination of traffic lights, will result in lower fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, and a smoother and more enjoyable experience for all road users.

Network-wide traffic management

All traffic measures are realized from the MobiMaestro traffic management platform. This platform collects real time traffic data, controls devices on the streets, and provides road users with up-to-date traffic information. It offers solutions for rush-hour or event-related traffic congestion, as well as for unforeseen circumstances such as accidents and extreme weather conditions. MobiMaestro’s choices and actions are conditioned by municipal policies.

Intelligent street lighting

Energy consumption by street lighting can be reduced by bringing it down to half power at night. Dynamic street lighting does not compromise safety for cyclists or pedestrians, because passers-by are detected by sensors, which then make the street lights burn brighter.

Flexible organization of public space

Public space can be put to different uses if it is organized flexibly. A part of the road used by cars during the day can easily be a terrace in the evening. One parking place for a car can be used to park ten bikes. A spot that accommodates a wide cycle lane during rush hour can be used at other times as a parking place. Optical measures and flexible street furniture can provide solutions for using public space in different ways. Water fences, benches, or road separators that emerge from the surface, moveable terraces or dynamic road lines are all examples of this.

Together with our Danish partners

Technolution works together closely with its Danish partners in this project: Hermes Traffic IntelligenceJesper K ThomsenCOWIV!gørInfraTeam and ITS Teknik, ensuring that innovative power is combined with local knowledge.



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