Smart working and living in Copenhagen

Traffic management giving prority to cyclists

Copenhagen is implementing the ambitious CPH Climate Plan 2025 to realize its goal of being fully carbon neutral by 2025. Concrete results are already visible five years after the start of the project. Technolution is contributing by developing and implementing intelligent traffic solutions.

Data-driven traffic management

Traffic flow on the corridors around the city is being improved through optimization of traffic regulation. GPS-based systems in vehicles provide accurate data on the vehicles’ speed and position. We are using this ‘floating car data’ to identify and present traffic bottlenecks in real time in MobiMaestro, the city’s central traffic management platform. This allows the traffic manager to respond immediately to the changing situation by adjusting traffic regulations. This optimization leads to better flow, shorter travel times, and lower emissions.

Eco-driving with GreenCatch

The GreenCatch app that we have developed also contributes to better flow and a lower environmental impact (Eco-driving). App users receive speed recommendations during their journey, so that they have to wait less often at traffic lights. The app knows when the lights turn green and sends users speed recommendations. If users adhere to these, the light at their next traffic light will be green. GreenCatch is suited for private cars, freight trucks, public transport, and bicycles.

Prioritizing cyclists

Copenhagen is a bike-friendly city, and promoting biking is one of the spearheads of the city’s traffic policy. In addition to the GreenCatch app, cyclists are now also presented with dynamic travel advice through digital information panels (Variable Message Signs) positioned along all major bike routes. These VMSs, which are attracting a lot of international attention, are operated by MobiMaestro.

Busy bicycle traffic in the city can cause congestion and unsafe situations. The BikeSim simulator uses real-time TLC data and sensor data to create a reliable approximation of the current situation on the bike lane network. BikeSim has been integrated into MobiMaestro. Traffic managers can adjust the traffic lights on the basis of this data to prioritize bicycle traffic, thus solving congestion.

Intelligent street lighting

Copenhagen dims its street lights to half power at night to save energy. A pilot is currently being carried out on five intersections, where sensors detect the presence of pedestrians or cyclists and then increase the lighting to full power. If this pilot at five intersections proves to be successful, implementation can be scaled up to the extent required.

Interaction with citizens

The implementation of the climate plan is well on its way to being a success. But the final goals can only achieved if citizens and users of the city cooperate actively, for instance by choosing to travel by bike or public transport more often, and to be even more conscious of their energy consumption. Copenhagen is offering everyone the tools and the information needed to make the city carbon neutral by 2025. The city will use clear communication and active interaction with citizens to ensure that the project will really become a collaborative effort.  

Together with our Danish partners

Technolution works together closely with its Danish partners in this project: Hermes Traffic IntelligenceJesper K ThomsenCOWIV!gørInfraTeam and ITS Teknik, ensuring that innovative power is combined with local knowledge.


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