BloqBase: Customization without the price tag


Wouldn't it be great if you could choose how you design your connection between the physical and virtual world when it comes to your business? BloqBase makes this possible. With BloqBase, you will get a product that has exactly what you need. Nothing more, nothing less; the right input/output. As a concept BloqBase allows us to provide a customized service without having to charge the 'normal' prices that usually accompany such a service. Stable, of industrial quality, with warranty and will still be available in ten years time in contrast to most commercial products.

Accessible development platform

BloqBase is an accessible platform that includes the basics such as hardware, drivers and system software. BloqBase consists of a complete collection of building blocks that can be used to construct any device that closes the divide between the physical and virtual world: customization, in every circulation imaginable. The development of such a device with BloqBase is a flexible process: we can design quickly, test and adjust it - no large investments in long development process required. When scaling-up, it is still possible to make purposeful designer choices by, for instance, collecting parts to make them 'merge' together in a specially designed component.

With BloqBase, we can quickly and efficiently create a working solution for any demand. The technology is subordinate to the client's needs.


  • Flexible: lots of interfaces and input/output
  • Speed: short time-to-market and can be adjusted quickly
  • Cost control: low development costs
  • Risk management: flexible and iterative development
  • Possible to make dedicated designer choices during the upscaling process


WiFi, WiFi-P, BT, GPS, CAN, RS232/485, Digital input/output, Analogue input/output, 3G/4G, Zigbee, etc.


  • In cars as FlowRadar (device for project FlowPatrol): communicates with the roadside systems and gives the driver information about traffic flow and tips for driving behavior en route.
  • On board unit in the train: communicates between the platform and the train and provides an audio signal when a red light is approached at undesirable high speed.
  • In trucks: communicates with the roadside systems and provides information about routes and driving information.
  • As instrument to inspect and analyze 10 kV cables. This instrument was re-designed with BloqBase.
  • Any situation that requires an analysis of a series of sensors to manage processes or make decisions.




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