Smart Mobility-app for the construction industry


Planning data and mobility data can be combined to a mobility service which provides insight in deliveries of materials to construction sites. This allows material planning and delivery to be controlled in real-time. Practical and tangible Smart Mobility.

Large cities are often continuously pocketed with construction sites. Often these are densely populated areas with many road users. Additional traffic caused by construction sites usually create additional congestion for day-to-day urban traffic. Typically, Mobility Services are developed with a view to identifying the fastest route through traffic for cars and public transport. So why not create a similiar mobility service for the delivery of goods? Together with Royal BAM Group, Technolution has developed exactly such a service for the city of Utrecht. This service provides real-time insight into if and when a supplier will arrive at the construction site of Utrecht Central Station.

App voor optimal supply management

The service will be introduced in the fall of 2014 as both an app as well as a dedicated website for employees of Royal BAM Group. The app is also used by suppliers' trucks and combines planning of the construction project with other data (GPS, traffic, weather, etc.). Because the app shows in real-time any potential delays on the route of the truck, it supports the driver in choosing the optimal route. At the building site itself, the location of the truck can be tracked in real-time and arrival time can be accurately predicted. In case the truck is delayed en-route, the system provides the building contractor with an automatic notification. This allows measures to be taken as early as possible, for example by scheduling truck another delivery.

Realtime planning

With the new service, the building contractor has real insight into the planning of deliveries with a prediction time window of half an hour or more. Previously, goods had to be delivered one or two days in advance and it only became clear in retrospect if the planning window was under threat. Now this information all becomes available immediately, allowing measures to be taken. Real-time monitoring has another advantage: because locations of the suppliers' trucks are available through the system, gate checks become redundant. The truck can drive straight into the building site, without unnecessarily hindering surrounding urban traffic.


The service provides real-time visibility. Not only material supply in the construction industry, but also to other industry sectors. For example for management of traffic controllers via MobiMaestro. When faults occur at a traffic intersection, the service contractor is automatically informed. A technician can then be immediately alerted by app, while the planning office can monitor the location of the technician. These examples are only the tip of the iceberg for the possible applications for this app.



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