Working together towards smart traffic management


Naturally you look beyond traffic and mobility management; you are focusing on a sustainable and healthy environment. This requires a proper flow, but perhaps also, for instance, green waves, priority for cyclists and flexible usage of public space.

This is how you can create a 'smart city'. Sounds great, but where and how do you begin? What works and what is just a great concept? We can answer those questions for you. As an independent technology integrator, Technolution supports the entire process.

Building blocks

BloqBase: your product development off to a good start

You develop electronics-based products. Smart products that make new connections betwee...

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SigmaXG: video switching and control over IP

SigmaXG is a scalable product for video switching over standard IP infrastructure. It o...

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MobiMaestro: from traffic management towards a smart city

MobiMaestro is the platform for coordinated network-wide traffic management. Adjust you...

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Inland navigation information system BICS2

The current Inland Navigation Information and Communication System (‘Binnenvaart Informatie...

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Multimodal real-time travel advice

Up-to-date travel advice at your fingertips. Both before you leave and during your journey. Plan...

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Copenhagen: The Tube

The Danish capital Copenhagen is striving to become CO2 neutral by 2025. Traffic can greatly...

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A single display protocol

Making better use of existing roads is a priority for many local road managers, causing them to...

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A single dashboard for nautical information; FIS

Up until recently nautical information had to be gathered from a number of sources. In order to...

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Cooperative systems for a better environment

How can cooperative systems be used to reduce the energy impact of road transportation – the...

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Mission-critical traffic systems

Rijkswaterstaat manages the Netherlands’ main traffic routes and inland waterways. Its...

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Fare Calculation Engine

Trans Link Systems (TLS) will have the future at its fingertips with the new back office...

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Battle against overloaded trucks

Overloading trucks can result in serious damage to the road's surface, danger to road safety and...

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On-board information service for ships

Previously, Dutch Mobile Traffic Controllers had to ask for many nautical details by maritime radio...

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On-board computer Nuon Solar Team

Nuon Solar Team is taking part in the World Solar Challenge for innovation in the field of...

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Smart Mobility-app for the construction industry

Planning data and mobility data can be combined to a mobility service which provides insight in...

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Smart app FlowPatrol improves flow A58

40% of all traffic jams are caused by motorists braking unexpectedly. The flow of traffic can be...

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