A single box solution for traffic sensing


Cities and urbanized regions all over the world are struggling to keep control over the ever-increasing urban traffic. While there are many advanced traffic management solutions, there are also aspects of urban traffic that remain hard to manage. For instance, increasing the use of bicycles seems to be an obvious choice in order to alleviate the pressure of car traffic. But how do we measure, monitor and regulate bicycle flows through the city?

FlowCube provides the technology to do just that. This smart, compact box contains a high-resolution camera and a processing unit that utilizes artificial intelligence to identify and, more importantly, re-identify traffic participants of different modalities, including bicycles and pedestrians. With FlowCube, traffic management systems can monitor, track and count all types of traffic on the road, generating reliable information about the traffic flow along the urban routes.

Key Features of FlowCube

> Comprehensive traffic sensing

FlowCube offers a single comprehensive solution for traffic sensing thanks to a unique combination of hardware and software. The high-resolution camera, the processing unit and the integrated deep learning (artificial intelligence) algorithms enable the FlowCube to deliver exceptionally valuable and rich traffic information.

> Roadside processing – limited need for comms

Image processing is performed at the side of the road (Edge Computing), by FlowCube’s built-in processing unit. This means that there is no need for high communication bandwidth. Only a compact set of metadata is sent to the cloud data platform. From there, the data can be accessed or integrated with other systems, such as the MobiMaestro traffic management platform.

> All traffic modalities

FlowCube literally covers all traffic modalities, including bicycles and pedestrians. It is the first traffic sensing system that can actually measure travel times and routing choices of bicycles.

> Complete view of travel times

The intelligent software of FlowCube utilizes anonymized re-identification algorithms to accurately determine travel times and traffic movements throughout the network for all traffic modalities.

> Network optimization

Thanks to the high level of detail in the traffic information it delivers, FlowCube will make your traffic optimization algorithms more predictable and reliable, enabling a better traffic flow through the network using a traffic management platform such as MobiMaestro.

> Centralized cloud connection platform

All FlowCubes in your network are connected to a central cloud platform where all the processed data comes together. The platform combines and enriches the data. Furthermore, it provides an interactive interface to inspect, visualize and export or stream the data.

> Easy integration

FlowCube provides easy integration with any traffic management system utilizing open standard protocols, enabling your traffic department to deliver optimizations for all types of traffic in your network.