MobiMaestro: from traffic management towards a smart city

MobiMaestro Traffic Management Software

MobiMaestro is the system for coordinated network-wide traffic management. Adjust your traffic strategy to meet the policy goals, integrate various traffic tools and work in an open architecture in order for everything to be connected. The software is constructed modularly. MobiMaestro will grow as you do.

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  One user-friendly user interface.
  Perform technical and functional management yourself.
  Coordinating scenario module.
  Open connections for regional collaboration.

Expand the functionalities of your MobiMaestro traffic management system with our various modules:


MobiMaestro VINCE
From statically to dynamically operated TLCs. Via remote control, in usual terminology. By using scenarios you can simply implement a group action, for instance for green waves or alternative preference routes.


MobiMaestro PAGE
With this complete solution for parking guidance you can determine the correct access routes and provides the current availability of parking locations on your displays.


MobiMaestro DISPLAY
Your message will show immediately on all types of displays and VMSs. Working through well-known standards such as Disperanto. You can also create automatic network displays in your own templates.


MobiMaestro SCOPE
Camera images are easily combined and controlled by scenarios. Shown in a viewer or on the video wall, they can be controlled via mouse, keyboard or joystick. You can also easily share these images.


MobiMaestro NEMO
Control network management through scenarios and the rule based approach. Work orderly together for clear actions. Use personal or external information as connected public transport and bridge information. Via DVM Exchange, you can easily share any scenarios.


MobiMaestro SPIDER
From now on, you can receive all data streams in one system. This allows you to receive, send, check, enrich and distribute your data from and to both internal as well as external users.


MobiMaestro STATS
Data becomes information. Analyze and optimize your crossroads and scenarios. Refine your strategies and optimize routes. When the critical threshold values are exceeded, you will automatically receive notifications.


MobiMaestro PUBLISH
Share your data via the Open Data platform. Through a simple web interface you can find up-to-date data on parking locations, TLCs, ramp meters, VMSs and bridges. Whether you are using our or your personal app.


MobiMaestro brochure
Datasheet MobiMaestro VINCE
Datasheet MobiMaestro PAGE
Datasheet MobiMaestro DISPLAY
Datasheet MobiMaestro SCOPE
Datasheet MobiMaestro NEMO
Datasheet MobiMaestro SPIDER
Datasheet MobiMaestro STATS
Datasheet MobiMaestro PUBLISH





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