Technology integration for public safety


Regarding technical systems that support our public safety, availability and reliability are two crucial factors. These systems always have to function and be secured properly. After all, when a malicious individual succeeds in hacking into such a vital system, he or she has access to the controls and important, perhaps confidential, information.

As technology integrator, we can help you establish systems that support public safety. Due to our expertise and experience concerning certain domains, we realize the importance of proper security, availability and high degree of reliability. Ever since our founding, security and (network) safety have been the core values of our company. It is an essential way of thinking that is close to our hearts and is runs through all our projects: from the drawing room table all the way to the finish line.

Building blocks

RISC-V softcore: Secure hardware for embedded systems

Our RISC-V softcore is a secure and reliable softcore processor for your embedded syste...

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PrimeLink: Security made simple

Do you work with classified information or do you manage a crucial infrastructure? Are ...

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Water Security Portal provides access to flood defense data

The Water Security Portal plays a vital role in assessing and reinforcing Dutch flood defenses. It...

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Managing of Water Management applications

Water Management uses dozens of application for water management purposes throughout the...

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Black ice detection system provides safety during winter traffic

The black ice detection system (GMS) of Water Management established in approximately 400 locations...

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Warning monitoring network for radiation incidents

The National Monitoring Network for Radioactivity (NMR) is a warning monitoring network for...

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Reliable power feed that meets the military standards

For a new generation of communication systems in military vehicles, Technolution has developed the...

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Clean air thanks to modern monitoring network for air quality

The RIVM monitors the air quality in the Netherland with the National Monitoring Network for Air...

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Communication for emergency services always turned on

The P2000 network provides the paging text message traffic for the Dutch emergency services. Over...

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