PrimeLink: Security made simple


PrimeLink is a hardware VPN solution developed by Technolution and is based on OpenVPN-NL; THE security protocol approved for use by the Dutch government for the classification level ‘Restricted’ (Departementaal Vertrouwelijk).Simple rollout and management

PrimeLink is specially designed to secure connections between two or multiple locations. The user does not notice any delay due to the encryption and decryption on maximum line speed. PrimeLink is easy to install and manage. On-site installation does not require any specialized knowledge. This makes PrimeLink also suitable for locations that are working without a specialized staff network.

Secure and reliable

Critical security functions in JelloPrime OVPNL are executed in hardware which is safer than software implementation. It can be integrated into an existing management infrastructure without problems due to an open management API. It has no redundant functions that raise costs. PrimeLink is budget-friendly and has low management costs.

Suitable for:



  • Designed and produced by Dutch companies
  • Simple to use;
  • Robust;
  • Low management costs;
  • Low production costs;
  • Hardware solution, so inherently more secure than a software solution.


  • Optical interfaces 1 Gbit/s or 10 Gbit/s (option)
  • Electric interfaces 1 Gbit/s

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  • Security of data traffic: Secured connection between two (or more) classified networks, for communicating Restricted information.
  • Securing the critical infrastructure or devices in public areas, energy supply and industry.



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