Clean air thanks to modern monitoring network for air quality


The RIVM monitors the air quality in the Netherland with the National Monitoring Network for Air Quality (LML). Technolution supports the RIVM with the management, maintenance and innovation of the monitoring network.

From sensor to cloud (clean air thanks to the cloud)

The LML has approximately 60 measuring points. Each measuring point has a number of sensors that can monitor different substances in the air. We provide software to interpret these sensors and sent the data to the back-office. We support the RIVM when it comes to purchasing new hardware and by choosing a cheaper and more reliable type of communication between the measuring points and the back-office. Because in order to be able to make a reliable conclusion about the air quality, we will have to make sure that each measurement makes it to the back-office.

Expert in management and maintenance

We provide the management and maintenance of the LML and this includes the solving of any malfunctions. We combine our expertise on monitoring networks with our experience of management and maintenance. This is not limited to the practical execution of repairs or solving any malfunctions but also includes organizing and perfecting the work flow for the accepting and interpreting of the notifications (ticketing). We take over at a technological and organizing level so that the RIVM can focus solely on their core business which is guarding the Dutch air quality. This results in the high availability of the LML for the RIVM against lower maintenance costs.

Applying our knowledge of sensory networks on a broader level

From our view on the Internet of Things we consider the LML to be a general sensor network. Each monitoring or sensor network has the same elementary building blocks: sensors, a local platform that read the sensor data, perhaps any ajustments, sending it to the back-office, where the data input is used for business processes and decisions. This is an ecosystem that feels like home, in a mission-critical chain of sensor technology, embedded software, communication networks and cloudbased software.


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