Reliable power feed that meets the military standards


For a new generation of communication systems in military vehicles, Technolution has developed the power feed. The perimeters of this project were clear: restricted space, lots of power and no active cooling system. In close collaboration with the client we have constructed a sturdy and reliable power feed that meets the military standards.

Extreme environment in military vehicles

The circumstances in a military vehicle can vary from icy cold to tropical heat, with extreme vibrations due to little suspension. In these types of environments, the new power feed was to do its job. The entrance of the power feed is also very unruly: it comes from a boardnet of the vehicle. A tank starts with a little more force than a regular vehicle.

Compact design with good thermal management

Technolution has designed a power feed that has the same size casing as the previous one but can provide more power, with a proper thermal management (no active cooling). In close collaboration with the client we have constructed a sturdy and reliable power feed. This design was simulated, constructed and tested and, together with the client, executed according to the military standards (Mil-Spec).

Client experiences

With this new power feed the client now has a very competitive product to bring to the market that exceeds in its compact form factor and sturdy design. A system that can be used all over the world even in the most extreme situations.

Development: progressive insight

During this project, some new ideas came to light. Because we do not stop when the project comes to a close, we have made a follow-up design at our own initiative and costs. This design uses less components and one controller manages the entire power feed.

The result is that we have now designed a power feed that allows us to have an even better grip on all functional and environmental demands and to be able to make flexible choices between things such as size, costs and power feed efficiency. The design that we have created will get a high return and has power output against lower costs and is fully protected from any eavesdropping (tempest proof).


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