Warning monitoring network for radiation incidents


The National Monitoring Network for Radioactivity (NMR) is a warning monitoring network for radiation incidents. When an incident occurs, the monitoring network will show the size and progression of the radioactive contamination. Technolution supports the RIVM with the management, maintenance and innovation of the monitoring network.

Safe and reliable

The NMR includes 165 measuring points that measure the gamma radiation level constantly. On another 14 locations, there are larger posts that measure the concentration of radioactive substances. The measuring points are connected to the back-office through a secured network. For our (national) safety a constant reliable functioning and communication system is extremely important.

Complete service package

Technolution provides the RIVM with a complete service package including features such as designing and constructing but also management and maintenance of the entire monitoring network. From the data collection in the measuring points, through the secured communication to a clear presentation in the back-office. We take care of the management and maintenance (24/7). In addition we also direct any involved third parties such as providers of the communication network and of the measuring equipment.

Unique monitoring network with generic components

No monitoring network is the same. But there are some similarities. Certain parts can be solved with generic components. We have the building blocks and expertise to offer solutions (for any type of monitoring network). As technology integrator, we can bring systems and parties together and literally make the connection.  We have the missing piece of the puzzle to complete the picture.

From data to information: business opportunities NMR 

What we do in the NMR's back-office is transferring data to information. The NMR generates a huge amount of records (data). In order to work and nurture your business processes with it, you will have to be able determine your data's value. What does a certain number represent? That is what data transforms into information. The next step is to use the information wisely. In the case of the NMR that would be: rising the alarm when a pre-determined limit value is exceeded. This way, you can also make decisions according to measuring data from a greenhouse, a road network or electricity network

We have experienced that our expertise with sensory networks can be applied for a wide variety of purposes. We can help you design and construct a new network, but also manage and maintain your existing network.


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