Black ice detection system provides safety during winter traffic


The black ice detection system (GMS) of Water Management established in approximately 400 locations in the Netherlands whether there is a risk of icy roads due to frost. Technolution has both developed and manages an application for the GMS measuring stations as well as the back-office. The GMS is an essential tool for our road safety so there are very high standards to be met when it comes to reliability and availability.

Black ice detection system as network of sensors

The black ice detection system (GMS) is a network of sensors with approximately 400 weather stations distributed all over the Dutch road network. Each measuring station has a type of elaborate weather station. They have sensors that measure the air and road surface temperatures, humidity, wind, rainfall and level of salt. The measured data then goes to the back-office that combines the data with information of meteorological institutes and forecast models.

Decision-making support system

Measurements, data and forecasts are used to determine whether or not road salt should be distributed as a precaution. If there is a chance of black ice, GMS will send out a text message to all road salt distributors of Water Management and Province of specific regions. The coordinator logs onto the system to assess all the data and to determine whether or not a road salt distributing action is required. This needs to happen in time in order to guarantee road safety. However, it cannot happen too early because a road salt distribution action costs millions.

Manage and maintain Technolution has developed the application software for both the measuring stations as well as the back-office. In addition, Technolution has also provided the computer hardware for the measuring stations. Currently, we are managing the application of the back-office and the measuring stations which means that we solve any bugs and make functional improvements. During the road salt distribution season we manage and maintain on a 24/7 basis.

Unique project with unique expertise

The GMS project is truly one-of-a-kind: there is only one like it in the Netherlands. We have used our expertise on and experiences with the network of sensors and mission-critical systems for designing customized systems specifically focusing on the user's requests.


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