Managing of Water Management applications


Water Management uses dozens of application for water management purposes throughout the Netherlands. Technolution manages and maintains a large number of these mostly mission-critical applications. We make sure that important measuring and safety systems stay up and running and we also do any expansions and/or adjustments to already existing applications.

Industrial automation

Technolution focuses within the contract with Water Management Application Services (RAD) on the industrial automation features: anything that makes contact with the outside world. We also manage multiple applications based on our 24/7 service. When there are any problems, we take care of it as soon as possible: we handle the question, we determine whether there is a technical cause that Water Management needs to solve, or whether it is a software problem that we can solve.

Focusing on the user

In addition, we develop adjustments and expansions for these applications in close collaboration with the user. For example, Aqualarm: a system that measures whether any toxic substances are entering our country via the river water. When this occurs, all drinking water facilities will receive an alert to stop their river water intake.

Customization for presentation data

For the National Monitoring Network for Water (LMW), we maintain a system in which each user can assemble their own presentation of data. The LMW measures for example the water level of Dutch waters. The water level, the rate of flow, but also the quality and temperature are registered. Bridge officials, lock operators, provinces and water authorities use these data in their business management. For example, in order to close a seawall such as the Maaslandkering or to determine whether or not to sluice a river.

Mission-critical systems

With RAD, we manage and maintain a lot of important Dutch mission-critical measuring and safety systems.  With the results from these systems, some very crucial and sometimes drastic decisions are made.


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