RISC-V softcore: Secure hardware for embedded systems


Our RISC-V softcore is a secure and reliable softcore processor for your embedded systems. Technolution has developed this high secure softcore processor for safety and security applications in FPGAs.

The softcore handles the software in a specific, secured manner that prohibits any influence (hacking) from outside. This makes the softcore especially suitable for applications in aviation and aerospace, governmental security and medical devices. Its robustness and reliability make it a suitable partner for high reliability applications in which it is hard to repair or correct a system, for instance satellites.

Designing efficiently and recycling with RISC-V

The softcore is made based on RISC-V, the widely supported open source processor architecture which is suitable for small IoT systems as well as server grade applications. A RISC-V design can easily be transferred in its entirety to other hardware. Due to the modifiable nature of the FPGAs, we can quickly and flexibly develop and execute updates with improvements or new features.


  • High assurance: for the secured processing of classified information.
  • High safety: for the secured management of vital systems.
  • High reliability: applications in which it is hard to repair or correct a system, for instance satellites.
  • Flexibility: an FPGA design is easily adjusted with features or updates.


  • Defense
  • Governmental security
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Medical devices
  • In parts for vital infrastructure
  • Processing of privacy-sensitive information in large (data) systems



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