Water Security Portal provides access to flood defense data


The Water Security Portal plays a vital role in assessing and reinforcing Dutch flood defenses. It is the main source of information regarding the current status and the planned reinforcement projects of the primary flood defenses. A true asset for all parties involved – of which there are quite a few. Technolution designed the Water Security Portal which was commissioned by the Informatiehuis Water.

Primary flood defenses

The primary waterflood defenses are those at the coastline and along the larger rivers: dunes, dikes and the so-called 'artificial structures', like the Oosterschelde and the Maeslant storm surge barriers. After a recent amendment to the Water Act, all primary flood defenses have to be assessed and, if required, reinforced in the upcoming decades. In the Water Security Portal all relevant information in relation to this process is stored centrally and shared with all parties involved.

Exchanging data

The Water Security Portal offers a complete overview of all available data about the assessment and reinforcement process. Each primary flood defense will be assessed in terms of flood risks and possible consequences in case of flooding. The assessment data are recorded in the Water Security Portal and combined with data about the location and standards of the flood defense. This results in sufficient data to make the decision whether the structure should be reinforced and which priority it should receive. This decision (including the priority) is also recorded in the Water Security Portal. Most data recorded in the Water Security Portal are publicly available for all those who are interested.

From scratch

Technolution constructed the Water Security Portal from scratch as commissioned by the Informatiehuis Water (IHW), a collaboration between the government, provinces and water authorities. We developed the Water Security Portal using an Agile/Scrum approach, in two periods of each five to six stints. This approach, during which we made sure to keep in close contact with all parties involved, resulted in a functioning application in relatively little time. This project was thus also an important success story for IHW.

Many involved parties

In addition to the IHW, there were many other parties involved in the Water Security Portal, such as: the Department of Waterways and Public Works (Rijkswaterstaat), the Directorate-General Spacial Policy and Water Affairs of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the water authorities, the Living Environment and Transport Inspectorate and the Flood protection program. In this program, the government and the water authorities collaborate closely in order to protect our country against floods.

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