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We can provide a complete service package for all stages of your product, system or project. From consultancy, specification, design and construction to management, maintenance and life cycle management.

Asking the right questions

We start each process with an open conversation in order to clearly define your questions or requirements. Because only the right question can lead to the right answer. Our consultants help you to make the right choices that match your preferences. Which function does the product need to fulfill? Who will be using it? What requirements does it need to meet? In what environment will it need to perform?

We can solve your complex integration problems by making different systems into a properly working unit. Our systems are mostly composed of a combination of electronics, programmable logic and software. Due to our combined knowledge concerning these areas, we know how to perfectly divide the required functionality that results in fit-for-purpose solutions.


We can assist you with all types of electronics, from high tech industrial custom systems to low cost mass products. Our electronic designs are produced with a high quality by trusted production companies with which we have a good relationship.

Embedded Software

The embedded software unlocks the electronics, with or without the support of an operating system. We will custom develop the embedded software and the embedded application software that will give the embedded system its intended function.

Programmable logic development

Programmable logic with FPGAs is a flexible tool which we like to use. With FPGAs, we built very quick and advanced solutions with the flexibility of software but defined in hardware.


We can help you by developing software suitable for many applications. We are especially good in complex integration problems concerning business-critical environments. We can integrate different systems into a properly functioning unit in which the right information is in the right place and available at the right time. With a user interface that suits the user perfectly.

Testing and certification

Reliability, security and safety are given high priority. That is why testing is a permanent element in our working method. During development, we already assess how we can test the product or system: continuous integration and continuous automated testing. A special type of testing that we can perform for you is the certification test during which we test whether devices can be accepted by a specific market.


Our involvement does not stop when the system is finished and you start using it. If desired, we can also perform the installation and deployment as well as the management and maintenance out in the field. Because it is often in practice that systems are confronted with the practical challenges and the conditions are established for a higher availability.

Management & maintenance, application management

After deployment of the system, the phase of management and maintenance begins in order to guarantee the long-term functioning in an operational environment. Our service desk is available 24/7. Together with our permanent management team, we will make sure your system remains available and new releases are deployed under controlled circumstances.

Life Cycle Management

We produce professional products with a long life cycle. With Life Cycle Management (LCM) we make sure that the product can be manufactured, sold and supported by overcoming obsolescence of components. From the first prototype to the final product.

Systems Engineering

In order to design, construct and test complex problems through a structured process, we often use system engineering (SE). Our SE engineers will support you and make sure the functionality is exposed to a fully checked and imitable process, from system requirements to qualification tests.

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